Windows users: free download  here and  install this 2.60 PATCH

MAC users: free download here


Everyone: also download these maps if you haven't already

and read the 1ReadMeKesslerSaysSo.txt file.

PS. They take quite a while

Additional Setup

Hit Escape, options, game

Under Downloads, switch everything to NO

Under Miscellaneous, turn off complaint popup




To Play:

L     lets you pick teams, pick type of person, pick weapon, change name

F     let you complete action, when shite icon is on screen, open door, etd.

W     goes forward

S     goes backwards

A     slides left

D     slides right

G     shows map

TAB     shows players

SPACE jumps

X     laydown

C     crouch

R     reloads

B     binoculars if you have them

T     lets you type to others

V    lets you send sound messages to others

left click    shoots

right click     gun scope if you have one

scroll wheel    scrolls through weapons (numbers do the same thing), zooms in binoculars and scope

to plant dynamite, you need to be an engineer, place the dynamite down, and then use the pliers with the left click until the dynamite is armed

to plant landmine, same as planting dynamite but use landmine